Power Steering

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Prior Automotive Products offers a full line of remanufactured power steering components for bth domestic and foreign vehicles.

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Prior Automotive Products remanufactures a complete line of steering components that duplicate the performance of a new part.
  • Full line of power steering components for both domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • Prior is committed to keeping a large inventory of racks, pumps and gears in stock.
  • What this means to you is high fill rates for your orders.  
  • We offer the highest quality products at competitive prices to our customers.
Company Statement of Quality and Work Performance

Prior maintains rigid control over all their remanufacturing processes but are especially strict in three basic areas.

Configuration and interchangeability: casting bodies/housing and internal parts are classified using the original manufacturers literature, drawings, specifications, and data to assure proper fit and function.

Quality Control of materials and procedures: All parts received for remanufacturing are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned using super-heating hydroelectric washers and/or vibratory cleaners, and then inspected for flaws that would affect performance. New parts used for re-assembly are either obtained from the original manufacturer or obtained from reliable, qualified suppliers using prior generated drawing and specification sheets. Prior engineering makes drawings and specification sheets for parts using all available information from the original manufacturer, test results from continuous internal testing and data collected from long-term failure analysis programs.

Test and calibration: The final test of the device is performed to assure compliance with the original manufacturers requirements. The performance of these devices is checked using test equipment designed to subject the device to operating conditions matching its usage. Power brake unit -input-output hydraulic ratios must comply with OEM performance specifications for the vehicle they were installed on. Compressors have specified “pump up” time. Our test device has a known volume tank fitted with accurate gauges. The time it takes for the compressor to fill the tank to the required pressure is recorded and compared to the original specification. It must meet this requirement as well as other air and oil leakage specifications before it is accepted. All devices are individually tested to assure compliance to the original manufacturers data before they are boxed.