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Power Brake Boosters, Commercial/Heavy Duty – Full line of Air Brake Compressors and Valves for class 7 & 8 trucks, Power Steering Rack and Pinion, Pumps, and Gears.

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Prior Automotive Products is an industry leader in business for over 60 years engaged in the remanufacturing of Power Brake Boosters, Power Steering Rack and Pinions, Pumps, and Gears. Additionally, we offer a complete line of Air Compressors and Air Valves for Commercial/Heavy Duty Class 7 & 8 Trucks. Prior Automotive Products, with manufacturing locations in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 1951 by Fred Prior, one of the pioneers of the auto parts industry. Power Brake Boosters, Power Steering, and Heavy Duty Air Products are produced in our modern Dallas facility situated on several acres of land. Prior is the industry leader in the remanufacturing of Power Brakes and Power Steering Products. Our Power Brake Boosters are furnished complete with master cylinder or the power booster by itself.